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FLUE GAS CLEANING PLANTS AF - "DRY" system,  "WET" system or "MIXED" system 
We design and produce DRY,WET or MIXED flue gas cleaning systems, of our own design (some systems are patented); each system can be then implemented, in case of necessity, by means of the new RETROFIT system of SUPERDEPURATION, which allows to reach emission level largely below the actually permitted limits by 2000/76/CEE norm (NZEP system, "near to zero emission plant") . 
The flue gas plume of the "DRY" system appears in any working condition clean and transparent. The emission levels are always below the permitted limits by the european environmental regulamentation nr. 2000/76/CEE (see pictures below).  
Small and medium size furnaces, for slaughter houses or small hospitals, can also be equipped with the "WET" system, which allows sometimes to reduce the installation costs; our wet system is usually based on a Venturi scrubber of our own design, normally coupled in series with a wet gas absorber (tower) which can be of the packed type (PAL, RASHIG rings type) or of the "floating spheres type", or of the "plates" type, depending on the technical specifications of the plant; the Venturi scrubber can be "wet bottom" or "dry bottom" type, according to the necessity of the design. 
The performance of the scrubber is foreseen by means of a calculation software.  
In any case the emissions are returned conform to european norms 89/369/CEE, and the system, if well regulated, it is capable to work without visible plume in any weather condition.  
The "WET" system is produced in different sizes and types depending on the model of the furnace and on the requested results.  
Cleaning plants installed on big ROT furnaces
 Cleaning plants mounted on small units