Via A. da Giussano n.23 - CAP 27043 - Broni - Italia 
 tel.& fax.: ++39.(0)385.250421   cell.: ++39.334.8082070 
We design and realize in our workshop various types of boilers and heat exchangers, expecially for heat recuperation from flue gas, and into particulars the followings: 
Boilers for wooden chips to recuperate Electric Energy and Heat or Cold in cooperation with DR ENERGIE RINNOVABILI 
Tubes packing convection exchangers (TEMA)  
Radiant cylindrical heat exchangers for high temperature applications (type KLEINEWEFER)  
Radiant-convective concentric tube coils exchangers  
High pressure boilers for production of super saturated steam to be fed to turbines for electric energy production (turbogenerators) 
We cooperate with ELTAL since many years for the calculation and supply of the turbines connected to our furnaces. 
The herebelow reported pictures represent only a small part of our production; for further information please send an email to our email linsk. 
  A tipical boiler for ROT furnaces 
Steam turbine connected to an incinerator (ELTAL) 
A boiler for wooden chips
Hot water Recuperator
A tubular axial exchanger for biologic sludge
Heat exchanger during tests in workshop