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The rotating drying furnaces EROS are suited for working at high or medium temperature (300-400°C) or in the lower range (100-200°C) either being fitted with indirect or direct heating exchanger (generator), and they are adopted usually to dry biologic municipal sludges or any other wet product.  
The furnace can be one single passage type (single drum) or triple passage type (three drums inside each other), depending this on the type of the material to dried.  
The design and the calculations are performed each time through a special software because we still don't have a standardized series of these units.  
The heat generator (exchanger) is normally located outside of the furnace (along the recirculated air duct) and it can be either of the indirect exchange type (tubes packing) or of the direct exchange type (burner mounted directly in the air duct).  
The fuel consumption is optimised and it is the reachable lowest one 
Here below a schema of 1.5 t/h vaporised water unit.