Via A. da Giussano n.23 - CAP 27043 - Broni - Italia 
 tel.& fax.: ++39.(0)385.250421   cell.: ++39.334.8082070 
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Our activity includes design, works supervision of civil structures and civil works expecially referring to bearing structures made of armed cement (c.a.)(reinforced steel concrete) or also only steel, including foundation works and industrial buildings also related to our industrial plants. 
Static calculations for armed concrete are carried out either through the Italian D.M. 9th Jan 1996 (allowable stress method) or according to the prEN-1992-1-1 (EUROCODE 2), receipted in Italy from Sept. 29th 2005, as per client's needs.   
We can carry out activity of indoor and outdoor street furnitures design and general architectural design, in cooperation with our specialised Architect Elena Perduca.  
Here below You can see some pictures related to our works, a family house during concrete casting phase, some computer simulations in 3D and some original studies of antique squares located in Pavia. 
We can carry out projects of special self sustainable buildings like that of the example herebelow reported. 
For further information about this sector please consult the other web site or link directly to the e-mail addresses indicated above 
Right: a sustaibable high building 
which needs only water !
a) side right: 3D simulation of deformed shape of a mixed structure in armed cement and wood (piemontese system) 
b) middle: original architectural studies of old squares in Pavia 
c) below: casting moment in a worksite of ours 
d)below right: 3D simulation of a car parking (underground)