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This is our activity summar 
Ing.Gallarati is active since 1976 in the field of the design and construction of industrial furnaces; his activity covers the following fields:  
Small and medium size static pyrolitic incinerators of the PSV and PSO series for small hospitals and small communities  
Small and medium size rotating pyrolitic incinerators of the MAC series suited for slaughtering houses (consortia), small municipalities, hospitals, and mountain communities  
Big sloped rotating incinerators of the series ROT which range from a minimum inner volume of 5m3 to a maximum of 150m3, suited for large urban centers (up to 500.000 eq. inhab.) and to treat large quantities of waste in order to produce electric energy with low incineration costs.  
Industrial furnaces for various applications which listed in the relevat paragraph  
Rotating dryers for biologic sludges, fitted with either direct or indirect heat generator.  
High pressure boilers for super saturated steam to be fed to steam turbines for electric energy generation (turbogeneratos)  
Steel bearing structures and steel works in general (carbon steel)  
Structural stainless steel works  
Civil works in general and structural armed concrete works  
Acoustic cabins  
Thermal and acoustic insulations, both in civil and industrial field  
Industrial burners and relevant combustion plants  
Gas producing furnaces (gasifyers) of the last generation to burn industrial waste with high caloric value, destinated to the production of reformed gases with high content of hydrogen and to the combined generation of green electric energy and heat by means of OTTO motors or MCFC Fuel Cells (separated supplies).  
Gas cleaning systems (some systems patented) to be coupled to the produced furnaces and realized either by the "wet" system or the "dry" system or "combi".  
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